Ethiopian Waters Advisory Council


The Secretariat of Ethiopians for Abbay/the Nile plans to invite anyone and everyone to join this nonpartisan and apolitical community that is bound by a common national purpose; and contribute by joining self-governing and independent thematic work or task groups whose broad parameters will be discussed in greater detail below. 

The purpose of the thematic groups is to use state of the art analytical tools and methodologies; and to produce evidence-based and historically irrefutable materials in order to raise systematic and sustained global awareness; to educate Ethiopian society, especially school children; to remind all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia concerning the Abbay River or the Blue Nile and other Ethiopian tributaries that feed Nile waters; and to offer high quality policy papers to Ethiopian learning institutions, the public and government officials.

Ethiopians for Abbay/the Nile plan to utilize evidence-based analytical reports and social media tools in promoting and defending Ethiopia‚Äôs sovereign rights over its water resources, including the GERD; and to debunk and or diffuse Egyptian propaganda, saber-rattling; and subversions.  

Ethiopians for Abbay/the Nile believe that the issue of the Nile should be Africanized. In this regard, we believe that the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) in general; and, the Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA) in particular, that outlines the principles, rights and obligations for cooperative management and development of the Nile Basin water resources should be resurrected as soon as possible.