Ethiopian Waters Advisory Council

EWAC Historical Analysis /Curriculum & Culture

EWAC Socio-Economic Transformation Thematic Group

1.     Historical Analysis/Curriculum Development


·       Focus on the education and awareness of the Ethiopian public with regard to Abbay/the
Blue Nile and other Ethiopian rivers

·       Design and recommend an integrated curriculum and a set of teaching materials on Abbay
and other rivers for kindergarten and higher education that Ethiopian
authorities will be encouraged to utilize deploying indigenous languages

·       Assemble, sort out, edit, consolidate and prepare the assortment of papers and
commentaries on the GERD from the web and other sources in the form of
brochures and other documents for use by Ethiopian academic institutions

·       Outline in the form of brochures historical events pertaining to the Nile

·       Uncover archeological artifacts pertaining to the Nile and other water basins

·       As part of the recommended curriculum, describe civilizations around the Nile
starting from prehistoric times

·       Depict and illustrate in the curriculum for children stories and legends outlined in
the holy scriptures

·       Identify
in the curriculum conflicts in which Ethiopia was involved to defend its rights
on the Nile over the last several decades

·       Promote studies and works of art highlighting Ethiopia’s rights over its territorial

·       Utilize works of art as promoters of patriotism and national unity

·       Utilize works of art to educate Ethiopians and the world on existing international
agreement, treaties, conventions and laws pertaining to cross border rivers in
partnership with the National Sovereignty, Agreements and Treaties assessments
thematic working groups


·       Discuss and document Ethiopia’s historical and legitimate claim, tax collection and
other privileges that are acknowledged by third parties, for example, the
Ottoman Empire