Ethiopian Waters Advisory Council

About US

The concerned group of Ethiopian professionals and activists has made significant strides since its inception. It has empowered itself considerably after the announcement of the one-sided and pro-Egypt statement by the U.S Department of Treasury as well as the World Bank on the filling, monitoring, management and use of the Nile; and the implementation modalities of the GERD. The unprecedented statement of the Treasury Department and the acquiescence of the World Bank undermines Ethiopia’s sovereignty severely; and diminishes its capacity to modernize. This unacceptable condition enraged all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia; and emboldened them to act.

The unfair, unjust and lopsided position of the U.S. Treasury and the World Bank on the implementation and management of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has mobilized the Ethiopian public; and energized concerned Ethiopian professionals, activists and Ethiopia’s friends.

Ethiopians with diverse skills, professions and backgrounds are in the process of pulling their expertise together in defense and support of Ethiopia’s sovereign and legitimate rights to harness water resources within its own territories for the betterment of its growing population. Thousands of Ethiopians including members of Ethiopians for Abbay (the Nile) signed petitions with the sole intent of drawing the attention of the global community of the unfairness of the Agreement on the GERD that favors Egypt and puts undue pressure on Ethiopia.